We are part of this planet. We have a heart and a natural instinct. And we enjoy being aware of this... 

We feel alive in rivers and streams, valleys and woodlands. Our feelings for the countryside and our way of life cannot be described as pleasure. But love. 

Because hunting and fishing have been with us since our very origin, they come from the depth of our being.

We have a heart and a natural instinct.

Pasion Hart
We have a heart and a natural instinct.

We have a heart and a natural instinct.

Respeto Naturaleza Hart

We practice an activity that has a code of conduct and code of respect for the environment and animals. 

There is a division between satisfaction and showing-off, between natural instinct and unmeasured ambition, between a responsible and irresponsible activity. We do not feel identified with those who do not accept the codes of sustainability and responsibility.

With our outlook, knowledge and effort, we play an active role in the conservation and management of the Environment. 

We feed on nature and we feed nature.

We feed on nature
and we feed nature.

Commitment Passion Respect Pride

In the digital age, also marked by urban overcrowding, the natural environment and the countryside play a key role in balancing the planet. And in this scenario, the activity of fishermen and hunters is essential. 

We repopulate, we balance, we respect. We invest. We help sustain rural areas. We create jobs. We are extremely aware of the positive impact of our activity and we are playing an active role in defending it. Since the defence of our passion is the defence of our planet's past and future.

Compromiso Planeta Hart
We are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

We are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Pride in belonging Passion Respect Commitment

The world of hunting and fishing is a physical and emotional community in which a close rapport is highly valued. This way of seeing things is passed on from one family member to another and between friends, and trust is a basic attribute. 

We are a group of people who share values, a lifestyle and a commitment. And we are proud of what we are, what we do and how we do it. We don't look down when we go out and we enjoy our natural environment. 

We do not aim to please everybody, nor to convince anybody. We are a valued community, that acts with respect and defends an activity that helps balance the planet.

Orgullo Pertenencia Hart
Complices de una comunidad comprometida, orgullosa y responsable.

We suport a proud, committed
and responsible community.

We are Earth. We are Heart. We are Hart.

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