About Us


We are part of a company which, since it was founded in 1948, has worked alongside hunters and fishermen, listening to their needs and progressing with them. 

However, in the last few years, the world has changed at a speed that is almost impossible to take in. New generations are experiencing new problems and are seeking new opportunities from different outlooks on life. The future of this activity requires us to abandon our old waysof thinking and to embrace new ways of understanding what it actually represents, namely a true passion for nature.

Hunting and fishing are the most ethical and sustainable ways to get food. Greenpeace says so. This is, therefore, a sound, forceful argument to which another can be added: hunting and fishing are activities that sustain and guarantee an intense, balanced relationship with nature. They are activities that maintain the links with the rural world and avoid the problems of urban overcrowding (loss of biodiversity, degradation of landscapes…)

In the most social and urban age in history, the demand for nature as an essential part of our present and future is stronger than ever. And in this scenario hunters and fishermen, and therefore HART, have a positive role to defend.

This sustainable, responsible relationship with nature is expressed in a new vital outlook, namely respect, defined and defended by the new generations. The fishermen and hunters of today are aware of the importance of protecting what they love and that, being the closest to nature, they are the first link in the change. They support and drive a change in the way that the activity is performed.


There is an age-old pact

between human beings and the planet.


We aim to maintain this pact.

To renew it. And to project it into the future.


Hunting and Fishing connect

to the past and future of the planet.

Now, we are a brand that seeks to help a community in its enjoyment of, and commitment to nature. A community of people who share a sustainable and responsible lifestyle, outlook and values.

A community that is passionate about its activity and its environment. The Earth. Whose love is synonymous with respect. Because, if there is anything that defines nature lovers, it is their ability to defend what they believe in, what they experience, do and feel, in the knowledge that theirs is a healthy and positive way of life, something that is defined with the pride in belonging to a community.

The community of sustainable hunters. The community of responsible fishermen.

The community of those who believe that the Earth has a heart: the heart of those of us who love it.

We are Earth. We are Heart. We are Hart.