Osmotech plus means one step beyond in the waterproofness and breathability of our HART garments. Made in PTFE, this membrane means high waterproofness (over 10000 mm) and breathability (10000 gr./m2). 

Either laminated to the outshell fabrics or used as a layer, Osmotech plus really improves the comfort of our functional clothing.

Windtech products are outerwear or accessories with a weather protection layer function. 

They are made from air-permeable fabrics such as knit or fleece fabrics laminated to the Windtech membrane to make them windproof. Windtech fleece´s high versatility provides greater comfort over a broad range of temperatures and activity levels.

HDI technology (High Density Insulation) conserves body heat and doesn´t trap the moisture generated in physical activities. Its high density synthetic microfibers provide a high level of insulation without compromising the weight of the garment.

These microfibers trap the warm air molecules generating a natural barrier against low temperatures in order to preserve the heat produced by body.  This system maintains its insulation capacity even in humid conditions thanks to its low liquid absorption capacity. This helps the quick drying of the garment.

HDI80, HDI100, HDI120, HDI140, HDI160, HDI180

Products under this label contain 4-way or 2-way stretch fabrics constructed with elastic fibers. They are performance-fit outwear, basically designed for hunting, suitable for hiking and other outdoor activities but also very comfortable for casual wear. 

You can be sure that our XTRETCH DYNAMIC apparel can handle the pressure of demanding physical activities.

When we over-heat, we perspire, regardless of what we are wearing. At some point, extreme heat, humidity, or heavy perspiration can overload the vapour transmission capacity of any clothing, even a cotton T-shirt. When the system is overloaded, moisture accumulates inside and discomfort often results. 

Osmotech technology is a fabric mix that includes very breathable outwear plus high waterproof features. This system is less likely to overload and cause discomfort than less breathable, waterproof products.

EDS (Ergonomic Design System) concept has a target: to develop the most innovative and technically advanced hunting apparel with designs that improve Hart garments´ performance in terms of comfort. 

The human body is full of bones and muscles that show us how to develop our second skin, our clothing. Physical activity is one of the main issues in hunting.  Therefore, our hunting apparel must always follow our anatomy looking for ergonomics in all our movements.

Cotton Diamond Line (CDL) is a light and cool tough-wearing cotton canvas fabric developed for warm-weather shooting. PU coated to ensure a waterrepelent function and Teflon™ coated for strengthen fibres, the breathable cotton yarn is woven tight enough to fend off brush and insects yet light enough to remain cool.

The material is usually prewashed at the factory, and then the entire cloth is re-washed to soften it.  CDL clothing is lightweight and durable, perfect for warm-weather walkup hunts.

Generally speaking, we are comfortable when we are neither shivering nor sweating. Heat is the main source of discomfort. We don´t loose or gain cold, we loose or gain heat.

With Hartware concept we have targeted the following goal: to develop outdoor sport clothing and footwear equipment the best we can to control heat transfer and gain comfort in any level of activity. We have developed this label as our top Hart range to wear: Hartware. it is our natural Selection.

H-AIR knitted fleece technology provides a high degree of insulation.  By mapping the body and the characteristics of each area, H-AIR technology uses different levels of fibers (High / Medium / Light) to achieve the perfect balance between insulation, breathability and comfort. Is the perfect  hoice for upper garments that need to provide that extra warmth requested when temperatures are cool.

H-AIR knitted fleece fabric is built with a special mix of fibers that give a lambswool-like effect.  This special fabric is processed to produce a melange-effect finish on the outside and a warm and cozy brushed fabric on the inside.

Stretch fabric with elastic components made of a mixture of Nylon, Polyester and Elastane.

It is used as protection in garments where we need extra reinforcement, but also freedom of movement to enter areas of dense vegetation.

CE – PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (P.P.E. CAT II) – High-Visibility Safety Apparel. All the clothing marked with this logo has been certified and registered as P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment) by a Notified Organisation. 

This cerfitication confirms that the standards and legislation about PPE high-visibility safety apparels have been fulfilled. This standard has been certified in compliance with the PPE rules for the construction, production and maintenance of high-visibility safety apparel to improve hunters safety routinely exposed to the hazards of low daylight visibility while hunting.

CE-PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE Cat II) - Wildboard protective pants. 

This certification gathers the composition of the garment and guarantees its confection with fabric anti-impact resistant to perforations, similar to those caused by the attack of a boar.

Other technologies

This multifunctional fabric series combines Nylon and Polyester yarns coated with an innovative abrasion resistant and non-slip glue. It´s one of the best protective materials for sport and outdoor garments. Its properties include excellent abrasion resistance, non-slip function, tearing resistance and cut-resistant function. 

Thanks to these qualities, it is a perfect thornproof defense..

Designed for living and built to last, the original durable CORDURA® fabric has proven performance in many of the world’s toughest environments.

  Made with high tenacity air jet textured nylon 6,6   filament yarns in a  range of sizes (330D-1000D).   Rugged: Excellent resistance to abrasion.  Strong: Excellent tear strength.  Water Repellent.

Innovative Comfortemp® fiberball is the very first padding in the world to be made of individual, yet interconnected, little fiberballs. Insulation properties are 50 to 80 percent better than with conventional paddings. The thermal retention is comparable with down.

As the padding is comprised of many little fiberballs, many little cushions of air develop in the material. This leads to a high degree of breathability as well as thermal insulation. Small air pockets between the many fiber balls ensure a high, consistent thermal capacity. Garments with comfortemp® fiberball padding don’t need to be quilted at all. This enables much greater freedom in design. 

The high-performance, washable and fast-drying padding is very light and offers excellent insulation values as well as optimal breathability.  This is because the fiber balls that give the product its name create a special pore structure. Garments with this insulation provide very high  wearing comfort and an extremely soft and fluffy feel.

YKK zipper, reliable and high quality.

HHL Technology™ Vital Protection is a revolutionary and long-lasting insect repellent that can help you avoid nasty, itchy bites or, even worse, serious illness.

Vital Protection provides also anti-bacterial functionality, preventing odours, discolouration and degradation, ensuring fresher, more hygienic and durable fabrics.  Environmentally friendly, non-irritant and biodegradable.

Bamboo fiber is naturally anti-bacterial, highly breathable and enviromentally friendly. It is also very soft to the touch and comfortable.  Anti-Bacterial: the antibacterial elements in bamboo fiber keeps bacteria that cause bad odour away from the textile. 

Breathable: due to the construction of bamboo the garment is more breathable, comfortable and thermal regulating than most other comparable fibers, thereby keeping you cooler, drier and more comfortable all day.  It is also hypoallergenic  and totally organic.

The products treated with ABT prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause bad odour.

Most of the fabrics that we use in our clothes allow UV rays to pass through their fibers. For this not to happen, the textile must meet certain characteristics of the composition and structure of the fabric. The mesh of the fibers must be dense enough to offer resistance to the passage of the sun.

The acronym UPF Ultraviolet Protection Factor is a rating that indicates the amount of radiation that the garment blocks. The maximum rating is UPF 50+ meaning it blocks over 98% of UVA and UVB rays.

DRY SYSTEM technology delivers following advantages to your garment. Wick dampness away from the body. Breathability.

Super lightweight. Quick-drying of the fabric. Easy to care for.

This Insect Proof (Ticks, House mosquitoes, Asian tiger mosquitoes,Malaria mosquitoes, Yellow fever mosquitoes, Sand fl ies, Bed bugs, and House dust mites) active component is a synthetic pyrethroid, similar to the substance found in fl owers like chrysanthemums. Combined with TANATEX’s unique binder system the component has a profound long-lasting eff ect that can last up to 100 washes. Even after being laundered many times, the textile will not lose its function..