HART ALTAI-T Trousers Women
HART ALTAI-T Trousers Women
HART ALTAI-T Trousers Women
HART ALTAI-T Trousers Women
HART ALTAI-T Trousers Women
HART ALTAI-T Trousers Women
HART ALTAI-T Trousers Women
HART ALTAI-T Trousers Women

HART ALTAI-T Trousers Women

Warm high back pants for cold weather days. Its soft and resistant outer fabric mitigates any noise produced by the movements of the hunter.

  • Green
  • 34/UK-6
  • 36/UK-8
  • 38/UK-10
  • 40/UK-12
  • 42/UK-14


Warm padding HDI 80 and waterproof-windproof OSMOTECH membrane. 4 waterproof pockets: 2 front, 1 cargo pocket and 1 back pocket. Waterproof zippers on the bottom to help boots handling. Suspenders and back net (removable) to ensure an optimal fit of the garment. Adjustable bottoms with velcro strap. High waterproofness (8000mm) and breathability (5000 gr/m2).



When we over-heat, we perspire, regardless of what we are wearing. At some point, extreme heat, humidity, or heavy perspiration can overload the vapour transmission capacity of any clothing, even a cotton T-shirt. When the system is overloaded, moisture accumulates inside and discomfort often results. Osmotech technology is a fabric mix that includes very breathable outwear plus high waterproof features. This system is less likely to overload and cause discomfort than less breathable, waterproof products.


HDI technology (High Density Insulation) conserves body heat and doesn´t trap the moisture generated in physical activities. Its high density synthetic microfibers provide a high level of insulation without compromising the weight of the garment. These microfibers trap the warm air molecules generating a natural barrier against low temperatures in order to preserve the heat produced by body. This system maintains its insulation capacity even in humid conditions thanks to its low liquid absorption capacity. This helps the quick drying of the garment.


Generally speaking, we are comfortable when we are neither shivering nor sweating. Heat is the main source of discomfort. We don´t loose or gain cold, we loose or gain heat. With Hartware concept we have targeted the following goal: to develop outdoor sport clothing and footwear equipment the best we can to control heat transfer and gain comfort in any level of activity. We have developed this label as our top Hart range to wear: Hartware. it is our natural Selection.


Shell 1: 45% Cotton, 35% Polyester, 20% Nylon.
Shell 2: 100% Polyester.
Shell 3: 94% Polyester, 6% Elastane.
Padding: 100% Polyester.
Inside: 50% Fluorofiber, 50% Polyester.
Lining 1: 100% Nylon.
Lining 2 & 3: 100% Polyester.

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